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Finally compiled enough pics to make another weight loss motivation collage (the one on the right). :)

Finally compiled enough pics to make another weight loss motivation collage (the one on the right). :)

Every day it’s a struggle…

Between thinking I should be eating mainly fruits and veg, or mainly protein.  Between wanting to work out, and wanting to sleep. Between whether it’s worth it to lose weight now, cuz I only have a few years left before I start having kids and my body goes (back) to shit, or wanting to lose it so I can really enjoy the rest of my 20’s.

And whether I should wait til I’m 30 to have kids or just get knocked up tomorrow.


Hey hey, another follower. :)
Orange hair, don’t care. :)

Orange hair, don’t care. :)

how i feel walking through the weights section at the gym
Wed. September 10

Little update.

Been trying to eat better. Haven’t been perfect, but better. Trying to have less carbs, more protein. Less goodies, more proper food. I’ve lots a little weight and I’ve noticed I’ve felt better for the last week or so. Hoping to have continued progress in the coming weeks.

Now, onto other news, I had a very interesting Monday. I won’t go into great detail, but I had a collision with a dump truck while I was riding my bike to work. Luckily, it was barely moving, but it accelerated quick enough to catch me off guard, push me several inches to the right, and total my bike. It basically t-boned me and forced me to jump off my bike. On top of that, no one who witnessed this, including the driver of the truck, got out to see if I was alright. Nice, right? I can’t believe people sometimes. Anyway, I was lucky enough to walk away unharmed, so I guess that’s what matters most.

Lastly, I got a new tattoo today. It’s my last name down my right calf in an Olde English type font. I think it looks pretty great and I’m super happy with it. :)

Well, that’s all for now. Nighty night.

So, I had a collision with a dump truck on Monday. This was my bike afterward. : /

Oooo, 3 new followers. Hey guys. :)

I was so nice to run into vittoriavevina on the subway today. A pleasent surprise. :)

It’s my birthday! I’m 24 today PROMO


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